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We believe that planning for a player’s future is a collaborative process and we regularly work alongside not only the athlete but also their family, agent and other professional advisors. In addition, we have partnered with Football Clubs and Associations to help prepare their players for life after sport.

We focus on where the client is in their career now and what they want to achieve both for themselves and their families when they do call full-time on their career. This insight allows us to build a property plan together, that can deliver the financial freedom athletes crave but too few achieve.

It is a well-known fact the playing career of a professional footballer is very short – A player who plays for 15 seasons, will only receive 180 pay packets, which is meant to last them and their families throughout their lives. The sooner a player considers what they’ll need once their playing days are over, the more enjoyable retirement will be for everyone involved.

Those who don’t plan for the future, live with the reality of financial instability.

Previous statistics show that, 3 out of every 5 footballers who played in the Premier League, are declared bankrupt within 10 years of their retirement. Our core objective is to work together to prevent another athlete from becoming part of that statistic.

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