Tailored Ongoing Property Advice

The Concept

When you consider that most professional athletes sign heir first contracts when they are still youth players and will have careers that range, on average, from nine years for football players, to less than six years for basketball and baseball players, you start to realise that the decisions taken by players in the formative playing days are going to have a long lasting impact.

One statistic that always amplifies the importance of this conversation is this – “3 out of every 5 footballers that play in the Premier league, are declared bankrupt within 10 years of announcing their retirement?”

We are fully committed to educating the current batch of footballers plying their trade in the Premier League, and we’re passionate about working with the next generation to enable them to make better, smarter decisions from day one.  

Considering an investment in real estate in order to build your personal asset base is a sound financial strategy. However, the real strength in real estate investment lies in having a diverse portfolio mix across several developments, cities and price points.

In order to help our clients, achieve this goal, we have developed a regular investment service, TOPA, that can help you plan, invest and manage your portfolio with a sustainable approach.


Portfolio Design
London Belgravia Real Estate helps you design a target property portfolio size to achieve your financial goals
Savings Profile
We then agree with you a realistic regular savings plan to realise your tailored portfolio goals
Investment Pot
London Belgravia Real Estate then coordinate with your wealth manager to hold these regular savings in a market-leading secure bond
Pot Utilisation

Once the investment pot has reached a level that has been pre-agreed by you (the client),  your wealth manager will notify London Belgravia Real Estate that the pot is ready to be invested

TOPA Review

We then review your TOPA goals with you and reassess the real estate opportunities available to select the investment that is most suitable


Once all parties have agreed on an investment opportunity, London Belgravia Real Estate will request your permission to liaise with your wealth manager to release your funds from your secure bond and invest in your chosen property


We then begin the process again, filling your investment pot with regular savings and utilising this pot once it has reached the pre-agreed level

Annual Portfolio Review
We strongly recommend that you combine the above TOPA strategy with an annual portfolio review. Through this process we will comprehensively analyse your existing property investments, your original financial goals and the current property market. Through this we will help you alter your investment goals to best take advantage of your evolving position within the market