Providing the Platform for Athletes
to achieve Financial Freedom

On the face of it, professional athletes “live the dream” doing something they love, and earn impressive sums of money doing it.

However, in the case of professional football players,  the reality is that these athletes only have 15 working years to fund the rest of their life. If they are unprepared or on the receiving end of bad advice, those impressive pay packets wont last long into their retirement, leaving both themselves and their loved ones in financial ruin.

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Sports professionals need three things to successfully transition from their playing career to retirement:

1. Financial Education


2. Sound Advice


3. A Plan

To optimise their life after sport, we believe that the earlier an athlete starts thinking about what they’ll need financially, the more enjoyable their retirement will be.

Our platform’s core objective is to remove the fear of financial instability by providing a property plan that delivers a stable, monthly income which will allow athletes and their families to enjoy a comfortable life long into retirement.

Who We Are

Sports professionals have long been on the receiving end of sub-standard financial information and advice which often results in a steep fall from grace because they didn’t take the necessary steps to protect their future.

At London Belgravia Real Estate, we are passionate about helping athletes gain a financial understanding and make better choices around how to best achieve financial freedom when they retire from their chosen sport through property investment.

There is clearly a distinct lack of impartial education and opportunities that enable footballers to make better financial decisions about their futures- we are determined to change that.

What We Do

We exist to help athletes make better choices and provide them with a platform that can unlock the financial freedom so many desire but too few actually obtain.

Over the past 12 months, we have been particularly focused on engaging with professionals within the Premier League. We have helped players build their property portfolio and in most instances agreed on an ongoing investment plan that will work toward a significant monthly net income when it comes time to hang up their boots.

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