About Us

London Belgravia is a multi-disciplinary team specialising in providing advice on ongoing wealth creation within the property sector.

We’re passionate about helping athletes gain a financial understanding and make better choices around how to best achieve financial freedom when they retire from their chosen sport.To achieve this, we believe that the earlier an athlete starts thinking about what they’ll need financially, once their playing days are over, the better prepared they will be and the more enjoyable retirement will be for everyone involved.

Our goal is to educate so that we can remove the fear of financial instability and ultimately bankruptcy, from a professional athlete’s future. Our  platform enables them to unlock stable and consistent monthly income, that allows them and their families, to sustain and enjoy their post-sporting lives.

Our services are classified into the following sections:

01  Property Investment Advice

Our clients are confident in knowing that when they approach us for investment advice, they are approaching a team of property, financial and wealth professionals who will look at their specific individual situation rather than giving any ‘generic property advice’.

02  Relationship Management

Once you’ve decided to work with us, you will have one point of contact throughout the entire process. They will update you on the stage milestones and provide ongoing advice throughout your investment journey.

03  Cash-flow Analysis

We partner with our sister brand London Belgravia Wealth Management who will create and analyse sophisticated cash-flow models for potential investment opportunities. This ensures that your investments will perform as you would expect over the long term like any other asset class.

04  Finance

Leveraging financially can increase the potential returns of an investment significantly. In order to make sure our clients can maximise their investment capital, we make sure clients are connected with the most suitable mortgage lenders for them by using our in-house team of mortgage experts.

05  Ongoing Asset Management
One of the most difficult and onerous parts of owning a large property portfolio is the ongoing management of the properties. Getting this aspect wrong can be a time-consuming and costly mistake to make. This is why we launched our own in-house management team specifically to look after our clients.

Our Story

Sports professionals have long  been on the receiving end of sub-standard information and advice. Be that from fellow team-mates, ex pros, friends, agents or even family, the list of players who listened to the wrong person(s) and experienced a steep fall from grace because they didn’t take the necessary steps to protect their future is never ending.

Whilst working club-side and in the talent management world, Director Jack Bristow gained an insight into how players are handled, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. In many cases, the advice seemed to be outdated and delivered by unqualified people, and like many agents, felt that he wasn’t really adding any value to their players’ careers.

Having worked at the London Belgravia Group for 3 years, he still found himself looking at the football world, wanting to make a positive impact and add that value to a player’s journey. 

With the breadth of coverage and connections shared across our insurance and finance businesses, Jack realised that the Group was perfectly placed to help footballers avoid becoming part of a frightening statistic (3 in every 5 that played in the Premier League find themselves in financial difficulty within 10 years of retiring).

Key to our success since inception has been our approach to investing: We are experts in understanding a players ecosystem. Rather than talk about property, locations and price (although we do get to that!) we focus on where our clients are right now, what’s on their horizon and what do they want and need life to look like financially when they do call full-time on their career. This insight allows us to build a property plan together that can deliver the financial freedom everyone craves but too few achieve.